Cacao Medicine 101: How to Create your Own Sacred Ceremony

Everything has a spirit. Everything has an energy. Our ancestors understood this. Even if we don't grow up with ancestral practices, we are always able to receive the gift of discovering. We can always realize that nothing is what it seems on the surface.

The spirit of cacao is love, connection, clarity, a break from our strong egos. Cacao ceremonies come from the ancient Mayan tradition of plant medicine, but they are available to all who are willing to remember who we really are. As a plant medicine, cacao is just a facilitator. It doesn't heal in and of itself but the energy it brings to us is potent. Plants can be greater teachers than people, those who we, in the west, typically view as "healers," because people project. Plants don't. They don't have their own egos and their own shit, for lack of a better word, going on. They show us how things are and if we listen, we know that they're telling us the truth.

When I first heard of the cacao ceremony, I knew I had to experience it for myself. I couldn't find a ceremony happening near me so a friend and I decided to have our own. I am feeling so grateful to Pachamama for providing us with all we need to find peace and unity, for my soul sister for being open to experimenting with me in these more esoteric ways, and for my loving partner for giving me a night off from mother to explore what brings me joy.

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This is the cacao I used for my ceremony. I've included an affiliate link, which means if you purchase it by clicking this link, I will receive a very small portion of what you spend. Thanks for your support!