Simple, Nature-Inspired Style (Wildling Shoes)


Barefoot shoes: an oxymoron? Around our little cottage we are basically always barefoot, soaking up Earth’s free flowing electrons from the ground up. But when we go out, we wear shoes that offer the next best support. I am so happy that Wildling Shoes expanded to the US so I could partner with them on some Instagram posts and this blog. Here is their mission: “a shoe that protects feet from injuries and weather, while restricting as little as possible its natural movement and healthy growth.” Ummm…yes please :) So while you won’t be technically barefoot when you wear them, their soft sole and out-of-control comfort level makes you feel like you’re barefoot, while still being able to go out in public and traverse any terrain. To top it all off, these minimalist shoes are kind to Mother Earth, such high quality, and...they’re so cute!


Over the summer our whole family wore their Spring/Summer shoes everywhere we went. They have a new line out for Autumn that gives us all the cozy, warmer vibes. For my pair, I chose “Buzzard” which has a super elegant and classic herringbone design. Jedi chose “Heron,” which I think has such a sweet design for children and is made with warm wool. Knowing that my little cub will have warm feet wrapped in natural fibers this season makes me such a happy hippie mama.


You can learn more about Wildling Shoes here.