The Grain you Want to Eat each Winter (Supports Reproductive Health, Ancestral Karmic Healing, and More)

We're having amaranth porridge. Have you tried it before? Amaranth is an ancient, alkaline grain that is super inexpensive in the bulk section of our supermarket but loaded with health benefits. Traditional Chinese Medicine classifies amaranth as "salty," which of all five flavors in TCM, is known to affect the kidneys and bladder the most. These organs control our reproductive system, endocrine system, and nervous system AND they're most vulnerable in the winter time. Saltiness from small, medicine doses of high quality salt like pink salt, from seaweed, and other "salty" foods like amaranth help nourish our blood and lubricate our intestines (maybe sounds gross but come on, it's important!). Just mind your doses - too much salt will have the opposite effect.