Why Baskets Make the Best Toys for Free Spirited Children


This photo is of my son Jediah foraging with one of our favorite, most-used items -- a basket! Are your children also obsessed with baskets? We love them because there are so many different ways to be creative with a basket - J likes to use them at home for sorting and stacking. He has endless fun just places items inside, carrying them around, taking them out, and placing new items inside. He learns about counting, colors, shapes, sizes, and explores his senses all with the help of a basket!


We also always take one with us when we venture out. Sometimes we go out with specific plants in mind that we want to harvest. I'm far from an expert at foraging but last year my in-laws gifted me a book to help identify plants that grow wild in my area and we've enjoyed gathering some of these. We thank the Earth for her gifts and I can see how excited he is to connect with her. In this photo he's looking for pine needles which we ground up and baked into cookies! It feels so good to take a little bit of the wild back into my home and kitchen, and it certainly doesn't hurt that this is an accessible and free activity. All you need is a basket, a good reference book, and a little something to offer mama earth in return.