Daily Ritual to Inspire Gratitude in Children

Something about having a daily ritual feels very human and grounding to me. For the past few weeks I've been including my little one in my evening ritual of lighting candles, saying three specific things I'm grateful for, prayer, sage burning, and anything else that feels needed. When J was younger I'd write in my journal but now that he's old enough to understand, I've begun picking him, standing with him by my altar, and doing the ritual out loud so he can be a part of it. He's normally so energetic but when we light the first candle he always seems to calm down. It's pretty amazing. Soon enough he'll be adding in his own prayers. My husband has even taken note of how relaxed and connected we feel after the ritual and has joined in! What a blessing to stand together as a family in prayer and gratitude. 

Do you have a daily ritual? Please share it in the comments so we can learn and grow from each other. 

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Be well <3