Honest Motherhood: What’s Attachment Parenting Really Like?

I feel the call to give a shoutout to all the women with or without their own kids who truly seem to get and care about what being a mother within a modern nuclear family is like. I’ve had friends make me feel guilty or pressured to be the same presence in their lives that I was before my son, and that shit sucks. They might ask something like “can’t you leave him with a sitter for a day?” Or “I feel like you’re not making enough of an effort” and in my head I’m just fuming over how misunderstood I feel my life is.

If I’m organized and lucky enough to be home while my son naps for that one hour a day, my list of priorities goes something like this: take a shower. Brush my teeth. Cook our next meal. Mop our gross, food-stained floor. Take out the overflowing trash. Then I proceed to the priorities of my soul...what I consider vital self-care that I really struggle with making time for like exercise, writing, learning, working on my business, SLEEP...and usually Jedi wakes up before I get through 1 or 2 of those things.

I'm not writing all this to complain. Every morning I wake up to my son's eager smile, adorable dimple, and squishy round cheeks and I thank all that is for the most precious gift of my life (that goes without saying, right?). But I feel the need to be really real about #momlife for a moment and encourage women to be more understanding of how much work goes into raising a human from birth without a bunch of money, a tribe, or a ton of family nearby.