Minimizing Your Wardrobe - Choose a Color Palette!


A practice that helps me feel more relaxed amidst the inevitable chaos of having a two-year-old is owning less clothing (and stuff in general). In this day and age we’re constantly bombarded with the lie that the key to happiness and the definition of success lies in MORE - more things, more space, more convenience. But most of the time, these “conveniences” come with loads of hassle. I’ve found that decluttering my wardrobe is a simple way to say NO to the paradigm of excess. If you scroll through my Instagram feed, you might notice that I’m wearing the same 10-15 pieces of clothing over and over again, and maybe you even recycle the same few items yourself, but keep many extra around in your closet and drawers. My advice is to decide which clothes you actually wear and feel good in, or at the very least, which clothes you have worn within the last 6 months. I love knowing that I’m using everything I own and not having to think too much when I get dressed about what looks good on me and still fits etc etc.


Oh! On that note - I find it helpful to have a few practices in place for not accumulating MORE clothing AFTER decluttering. One way is to buy within a color palette. This way the incredible amount of choice we have becomes smaller and easier to manage. For example, I generally buy clothes that are black, white, or warm/earthy tones ranging from beige to red. Then everything matches and choosing an outfit is a breeze. (I do still wear some clothes outside this palette that I purchased or were given to me before I began this practice.) I have some more tips but maybe this is long enough for this post (less is more, right?😂). Share your tips and thoughts in the comments!

With the fam. Still wearing this same jumper!

With the fam. Still wearing this same jumper!