Q. what are your formal qualifications?

A. I'm a certified holistic health counselor, certified holistic doula, and certified Pilates and prenatal Pilates instructor. I've also trained professionally as a chef and vegan chef in various restaurants in NYC.


Q. do you only work with women?

A. Not at all! I love working with women and helping to create a sisterhood of strong, bold, confident and independent women who take their health and healing into their own hands, who are able to acknowledge when they need a nudge in the right direction and then follow their own intuition and instinct as natural healers to achieve the results they want. HOWEVER, men can be their own healers too! I've worked with several men before and would love to do it again. 


Q. do you only work with women trying to conceive?

A. Nope! I believe that a healthy reproductive system is important for a myriad of reasons beyond reproducing. Whether you hope to conceive or not, I will guide you toward the happy and healthy life that is your right. 


Q. do you specialize in any other areas of healing?

A. In addition to women's issues I specialize in healing anxiety and depression with food. I've also worked with clients to heal skin conditions, cancer, excess weight, hair loss, and more. 


Q. do you offer payment plans?

A. I no long offer payment plans. I've found that they do not promote longterm success for either of us, but you can subscribe to my mailing list to stay in the loop for promotions and special offers. 


Q. what if none of your packages are exactly what i'm looking for?

A. Write to me! We can schedule a time to talk over the phone (for free) and see how I can help you with your specific needs.