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Birth as an altered state of consciousness

Wouldn’t it be amazing if nothing got in the way of a woman’s instinctual response to her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing? We know what we need as mothers and families, but many of us have lost our instinctual responses. My mission is to help you cultivate your inner wisdom and instinctual responses to pregnancy and birth. Birth is emotional, physical, political, psychological...but above all, it is TRANSFORMATIVE. 

As your doula, I will listen to you, nurture you, and feel for your instinctual responses. I will be present for you as you walk through the gates of transformation during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing and processing. 

How does this work?

The first step is to set up a time to chat on the phone to see if we are the right fit. You'll remember your birth for the rest of your life; let's be certain I'm the doula for you. If you choose me as your doula, we'll meet again in person 1-2 times to discuss and plan for any and all concerns you may have about birth. Some topics we might discuss include:

*your birth plan

*pain relief during labor

*what to expect

*any embarrassing questions

*prenatal exercises

*holistic nutrition during pregnancy

*prenatal pilates 

I will be there with you throughout your labor as extra support for you and any other birth partners you may include in your experience. I’ll massage you with oil, get you food or water, help you stay calm (as much as possible!), suggest comfort measures and positions, remind you how powerful and capable you are, and make sure you have the best possible birth experience. I'll visit again after birth. You've just gone through something incredible, raw, and miraculous. I am here to witness and hear you as you assimilate what has happened. We might also discuss topics like:

*your birth experience

*postpartum self care

*newborn care

*breastfeeding support

*postpartum exercises

*postpartum nutrition

I'll come to your home for prenatal and postpartum visits, meet you when you are in active labor and stay with you until an hour or two after your birth (or however long you need me).

Additionally, I offer a first time holistic health consultation lasting around 1.5 hours during our time together, so that you can nourish yourself and your baby with the best possible nutrition, as well as a personal pilates training session.

The total investment is $1000. 

Doula services ONLY (excluding nutrition counseling and Pilates) is available for $900. 





Q1. What is a doula?

A doula teaches you how to advocate for yourself. We listen to you. We do not put you on the clock. We discover what your goals are and we guide you toward them. We encourage you to ask the right questions to make informed decisions. We comfort you. We help you get from one tough contraction to the next. We help you relax with our bags of healing potions and oils. We empower you to make the crucial choices that will set the stage for motherhood and your new family.

Q2. What makes you a "holistic" doula?

The "traditional" model of care in this country is based on authority and management. "My doctor knows what's best. He makes my decisions." But maybe you've found a more "progressive" doctor who respects your RIGHT to make decisions, right? Not so much. Our system of care gives us the illuion of choice. We can choose the blue blanket or the pink one but we can't choose, NEITHER. See what I'm saying? As a holistic doula, I value co-creation. I give you my time, energy, and attention. I do NOT advocate for you but empower you to advocate for yourself. We heal our own wounds in this business. We claim ourselves and let ourselves shine forth. I'm not interested in taking your money and giving you the standard 2 prenatal visits, 2 postnatal visits and showing up at your birth. I'm interested in a real, soul-level connection. I'm interested in gaining your trust and letting you take your power. I understand birth as an altered state of consciousness! This is the most intuitive and mystical experince we have as women. As HUMANS! Birth IS transformation. That's what I believe as a holistic doula.

Q3. How many births have you attended?

It can be tempting to want to know everyone's experience level, but I truly believe that has very little to do with the service you are receiving. If you feel comfortable with me, we connect on a deep level, you're looking for reliability, sincereity, heart, and the extra services I gift to you as my well-deserving client, then we're a match.

Q4. Do you have kids?

I do! My son, Jediah (Jedi) Wolf.

Q5. What kind of birth did you have?

I had a natural, physiological birth, attended by my husband, doula, and midwife, in a hospital. It was a HUGE learning experience, to say the least. The next one will be different.

Q6. What are your formal qualifications?

I'm a certified holistic doula, certified holistic health counselor, and certified Pilates and prenatal Pilates instructor. I've also trained professionally as a chef and vegan chef in various restaurants in NYC.

Q7. What other services do you offer?

I offer postpartum care, breastfeeding support, health and nutrition counseling, fertility coaching, maternity, birth, and baby photogrphy, and personal or group Pilates training sessions.

Q8. Are your services only available for natural births or home births?

I support ALL women and families, regardless of what kind of birth they plan to have. I just give you heaps of information and answer your questions from a non-biased, judgement-free place, to help you make your most informed choice.

Q9. What payment types do you accept?

I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, and Chase QuickPay.