Roots of Wellness

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6 weeks of online women’s circles with a focus on healing nutrition


Are you tired of and frustrated with all of the different advice you’ve received about how to be healthy, lose weight, or heal chronic health issues?

Do you intuitively feel like there is no “quick fix” or “one true diet” but that we are all unique individuals with unique dietary needs?

Are you the kind of woman who needs to know “WHY” before she acts and is ready to learn the tools our ancestors used for sustainable health and wellbeing?

Roots of Wellness is a program for the woman who answers YES to these questions. She is ready to heal and dive DEEP. She is ready to show up and support others on this same journey. She craves sisterhood, connection, and community and understands that these relationships will help heal others as well as herself.

Women have gathered together in circle since ancient times, understanding that council and connection are integral components of wellness. They ate with the seasons and cycles of the planet and their own internal cycles. They heeded nature and her rhythms, and knew that creating balance within themselves depended on understanding nature and finding balance with her. They knew that there is no “one diet” but that health is a state of being, ever-evolving, that exists when blockages are removed from our physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. They used food as medicine. They lived in line with the Elements, the transformations that occur from Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal energies.

Our online healing journey will focus on the ancient wisdom, specifically from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each week we’ll explore a different Element, and learn how imbalances within these elemental energies within ourselves cause different symptoms, and how to heal each of our symptoms with food. We’ll learn how to speak the language of the body (re: symptoms!) and how to fuel our own unique beings with the right nourishment. We’ll also have a chance to share about what comes up for us as we learn this material and cook our ways to radiant health.


  • 6 weekly 2 hour calls through Zoom

  • email notes from each call, recipes, journal prompts and more

  • access to our private Facebook group where we can share our progress, setbacks, and yummy foods and stay accountable to one another in our goals

  • a copy of my 88 page ebook “The Holistic Antidepressant Diet: Traditional, Edible Practices to Align with Mother Earth, Raise Vibrations, and Naturally Curb Anxiety and Depression”

  • 15% off my e-course “Crafting a Sacred Postpartum” launching soon


Call number 1: Saturday Dec 15, 12:30-3:30pm EST

Call number 2: Saturday Dec 22, 12:30-3:30pm EST

Call number 3: Saturday Dec 29, 12:30-3:30pm EST

Call number 4: Saturday Jan 5, 12:30-3:30pm EST

Call number 5: Saturday Jan 12, 12:30-3:30pm EST

Call number 6: Saturday Jan 19, 12:30-3:30pm EST

Please ensure you are available for the start of each call. We will go over the course “material” at the start of each call.


Pricing is offered at a sliding scale of $110-$150. Payments of $150 will include a 30 minute 1:1 call with me

Please reserve your spot by sending payment and filling out the registration form below. Space is limited to 6 to ensure we all have time to share, to foster a more intimate conversation, and to create a safe space to be open and vulnerable

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