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Health is a state in which energy flows unimpeded through our system and fully nourishes every cell in the body. 


My Mission

As your holistic nutritionist, my mission is to show you an alternative to menstrual cramps, bloating, infertility, PMS, headaches, low milk production, anxiety, depression, PCOS, hormone imbalance, cysts, dietary stress before, during, and after pregnancy, and more. All of these symptoms reflect a nationwide problem, and they can be healed, in large part, with food. We don't have to jump to expensive and invasive procedures to heal ourselves. We can begin with a natural method that works by realigning the body with proper fuel and nourishment. My mission is to guide you through this with a little tough love and a lot of transformative information. 


"My parents suggested i talk to hadas because of problems I was having with weight gain and not getting my period. i'm 17, and actually hadn't gotten my period in almost two years. after making a big change in my diet after talking to hadas, my period came back in one week. it was so amazing. I was nervous about changing my diet at first but after i saw what was possible, i was just really proud and excited."

-mira gonzalez, westchester, New York


My Philosophy

Nature holds all the answers. She provides our best medicine: food. With a solid diet, nearly all disease can fade away as we can create an environment in the body in which disease cannot thrive. In more extreme cases, herbs can be used, but I always start the healing process with food and lifestyle. It's truly amazing what the body is capable of. Even though I've seen my clients transform their health in such profound ways so many times, I never stop marveling. 

While invasive procedures and pharmaceutical treatments may give results, they do not target the ROOT cause of our symptoms. They can repair some damage, but the true cause of our symptoms is left untreated and will continue to manifest in different ways throughout our body, mind, and spirit. Our daily intake of food forms the basis of our health. Our food becomes our blood, cells, organs, body, mind, emotions and thoughts. When we begin with the food, we address healing from the source. 

My recommendations come from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, traditional cultures of longevity, and modern scientific research. I believe that to truly serve, a healer must approach each case holistically. I align particularly strongly with traditional cultures and ancient wisdom. I believe the healers of these traditions innately understood the body, because their lives were closely entwined with the earth and the Elements. They depended on the cycles of the seasons, survived according to the laws of the universe, and revered the flow and changes of the world around them. They watched, heeded, learned, and steeped themselves in these Elements so basic to life. Just as nature all around them would go through its nature process of change, they instinctively knew that the nature inside them followed these same patterns. They understood that we come from the earth, we come of it; we do not come into it like strangers. 

When approached through this lens, healing is highly effective, pervasive, noninvasive, inexpensive, self-led, intuitive, and deeply beautiful. 


"When I found out I am gluten intolerant, I was terrified of the huge life shift that lay before me. For a while, I found it altogether impossible to enjoy eating. Then, a co-worker who knows Hadas recommended her to me. Her lessons were a turning point, and not just in terms of food. I have never felt more in control of my own health. I have a renewed sense of purpose and energy in everything I do."

-Gabby Dennis, NY, NY

How this works

Thanks for your interest in gaining radiant health!

Once we schedule your initial consultation, I'll send you a short health history form and an invoice through Paypal. You'll send the form and payment back to me at least 24 hours before our appointment. You'll leave our call with at least 2-3 action steps that will take you leaps and bounds toward your goal as well as a new understanding about your body and how it works. 

If you prefer email-based coaching, the process is the same, except that I will email you back all of the information and your health plan within a week of receiving your completed forms and payment and we will not speak on the phone. 

I want to work with you if:

  • you are ready to dig deep and do what it takes to regain your health in a completely natural, noninvasive, pharmaceutical-free way

  • you're looking for guidance, accountability, and a little tough love

  • you’re not only interested in learning WHAT to do but WHY

  • you believe the body and the mind are intimately connected (even one and the same)

All sessions are one hour and conducted over the phone. Energy exchange is based on a sliding scale of $40-$70. Your payment on the higher end of the scale helps support women who cannot afford to pay as much, so that I can continue to make holistic health counseling accessible to all.


"Hadas really takes her time to get to know you and then tailors her services to exactly what you need! That's what I really liked about her. I feel better just on a day to day basis feeding myself right. Oh also, Hadas' recipes. They're...well...just really freeeeakin' good."

-Zoe Mendelson, Mexico City, Mexico




"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." 


IMG_6002 (1).jpg

"Hadas inspired me to use healthy ingredients in ways I never could have come up with on my own. Energizing, creative, healthy, wholesome. These are all ways I would describe my 'Hadas diet.' But most importantly: tasty. Tasty and satisfying. It's never been so easy and enjoyable to make healthy eating choices."

-Leah Sikora, Eugene, Oregon 



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