“The Holistic Antidepressant Diet”

The Holistic Antidepressant Diet: Traditional, Edible Practices to Align with Mother Earth, Raise Vibrations, and Naturally Curb Anxiety and Depression. A holistic approach to healing anxiety and depression, drawing heavily from traditional Chinese medicine as well as Ayurveda and modern scientific research. This book is designed to guide you in healing yourself, in reconnecting with your Source, and in gaining a deeper understanding of how you fit into and can thrive on this planet. Includes plenty of plant-based, medicinal recipes, esoteric and ancestral wisdom, and practical steps you can take today. 

Available for download and in paperback

Available for download and in paperback




“It’s rare to find health literature that speaks as truly to our spirit as it does to our physiology. The Holistic Antidepressant Diet strikes exactly this balance, guiding the reader through important issues in physical and mental health and nutrition, with a knowledgeable yet approachable tone. A beautiful layout and selection of photos accompanies this must-read for anyone looking to nature to rebalance our physical and emotional unease.”

“I learned so much from this book and I'm not your typical "holistic health" reader. Clearly written, very understandable, great advice. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to boost their health and happiness.”

“Two chapters in and already hooked”

“This lovely book gave me so much more in depth knowledge about how to nourish your body and soul and stay healthy and happy! It’s a real gem, there are also some recipes but it’s a real great source for a holistic approach to eating and healing! Thank you Hadas for bundling up so much wisdom about the ancient ways of healing which are very worth preserving!”